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Home of Emerging Technologies in Taranto:
Casa dell’Innovazione per il One Health

CTE CALLIOPE  is the Home of Emerging Technologies in Taranto, an innovation hub where cutting-edge skills and technologies merge to create a translational research program in the One Health field. The project, funded by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy and the Fund for Development and Cohesion, focuses on understanding the interactions between environmental, chemical, and physical agents and aims to acquire data and information, disseminate results, transfer technology, and spread knowledge on the subject to the public.


One Health è un approccio olistico che promuove la collaborazione tra molteplici discipline e settori per affrontare le sfide inerenti alla salute umana, animale e ambientale in modo interconnesso. Questo approccio nasce dalla consapevolezza che la salute umana, animale e ambientale sono strettamente legate, pertanto, è importante comprenderne meglio l’interdipendenza con la finalità di prevenire potenziali crisi sanitarie e porre i presupposti per vivere in un pianeta maggiormente sostenibile.

The House of Emerging Technologies for One Health, CALLIOPE, arises from the positive experience of Mistral (Horizon Europe), in which the Municipality of Taranto is a partner along with leading international universities. The outcomes of Mistral encouraged the Municipality of Taranto to take the next step, which is to establish the conditions for the creation of an advanced Artificial Intelligence platform (LLM). Leveraging 5G connectivity, a network of hundreds of IoT sensors, and high-performance computers (HPC), this platform allows for the acquisition of more structured real-time data and their dynamic representation.



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