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We inspire startups and innovative businesses through an Open Innovation program

The Open Innovation activities are primarily carried out within the Open Innovation Living Lab, one of the facilities entirely dedicated to CTE CALLIOPE, located within the Park of Arts and Sciences in the Borgo Umbertino (city center) of Taranto. The Open Innovation activities focus on supporting startups and innovative companies in developing creativity, scouting for innovations, and exploring the needs of the entrepreneurial fabric. The Open Innovation initiative will also be supported by the emerging Innovation District, which, by facilitating the meeting of supply and demand for digital services, will promote the development of a skills ecosystem and the creation of synergies with CALLIOPE.


Startup, PMI


Upon request and subject to availability

Open Innovation and
Technology Transfer Programs

CALLIOPE's growth paths


We provide shared workspaces, which are useful for networking and the exchange of ideas and experiences


We enhance skills through advanced specialization courses and the dissemination of acquired know-how